A Rough Draft Life

ARDL 218: Christmas Fact or Fiction

December 14, 2020

How much do you know - we mean really know - about the first Christmas? Was there a donkey? Was it on December 25? How many wise men were there? Let's find out. 


Questions Discussed in this Episode:

Were Mary and Joseph living together?

How pregnant was Mary?

Did Mary ride a donkey? 

Why did the innkeeper not let them in?

Did Mary give birth alone?

Is Christmas really on December 25?

What about the shepherds?

Were the Wise Men/Magi kings? Did they come on Christmas Day? How many were there?

What about the Christmas Star? Was it over the stable?


Links Mentioned:

Willow Tree Nativity

Liturgical Calendar


Air BnB

When Jesus Was Really Born



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